Uyghur Crisis


“What unites us as human beings is the aspiration to make the world better, more compassionate, with less conflict, less hate and hardship, and with more tolerance and understanding.” — Elie Wiesel

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Uyghur Crisis

Taken from the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Simon-Skjodt Center for the Prevention of Genocide’s Bearing Witness Report published November 2021:

For decades, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has sought to forcibly assimilate the Uyghur Muslim community in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region (Xinjiang) of northwest China. Originally the CCP’s goals were pursued most visibly through prohibitions on the expression of Uyghur religion and culture, and the destruction of sites of Uyghur religious and cultural heritage.

In recent years the Chinese government’s intrusive mass surveillance of the community has intensified, and the networks of government-run detention centers and prisons in Xinjiang have expanded significantly, resulting in the mass incarceration of between one to three million people, primarily Uyghurs. Additional recently surfaced information signals that the Chinese government’s conduct has escalated beyond a policy of forced assimilation. This includes, in particular, a deepening assault on Uyghur female reproductive capacity through forced sterilization and forced intrauterine device (IUD) placement as well as the separation of the sexes through mass detention and forcible transfer.

Please read more at:  USHMM Bearing Witness: Uyghur Report November 2021


The following organizations have been integral in aiding the Uyghur people.  Visit their pages for additional resources, donations, and how to help.


Campaign for Uygurs

International Campaign for Tibet

Uyghur Human Rights Project

Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation

World Uyghur Congress

What You Can Do

There are many ways in which your voice can be helpful for calling attention to the plight of the Uyghurs.

Elie Wiesel believed in thoughtful dialogue above all else, so we invite men and women of conscience to start a dialogue at your employer about this important topic, particularly if your employer has significant business dealings in the Uyghur region of China, or is a sponsor of the Olympics.  This link lists companies that sponsor and affiliated with the Beijing 2022 games: 2022 Olympic Sponsors. Rather than offer you a form letter, instead we encourage you to develop your own thoughts and ask your own questions.

Let us know of your successes or challenges at: [email protected].

Lastly, if you are in the New York area over the next two weeks, a protest is being scheduled where you can show your support for the Uyghur people by turning up in person. Global Day of Action NYC


Hear Elisha Wiesel discuss the Uyghurs and invoke his father’s memory in putting the spotlight on their persecution.
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