Jewish World Watch, a nonprofit organization based in Los Angeles that is dedicated to providing assistance and support to survivors of mass atrocities worldwide, made an exciting announcement on Monday. They have received a portion of a $550,000 grant for their groundbreaking winter conference in New York.

The Elie Wiesel Foundation for Humanity has selected JWW as one of the beneficiaries of its inaugural grant-making cycle. Launched in October 2022, the foundation seeks out and supports organizations whose work aligns with the legacy of Elie Wiesel, a renowned educator, activist, journalist, and man of faith.

Serena Oberstein, the executive director of JWW, expressed her gratitude for being among the first recipients of a grant from the Elie Wiesel Foundation. She stated, “We are honored to be recognized by the foundation and to receive their support.”

Joining JWW as grantees are the World Uyghur Congress and the Uyghur Human Rights Project. These organizations have been chosen, in part, for their advocacy on behalf of the Uyghur community. The foundation reports that since 2017, over 1.8 million Uyghurs have been forcibly separated from their families and placed in “re-education camps” in northwest China or East Turkestan.

Elisha Wiesel, the chairman of the foundation, explained, “Our inaugural activist portfolio grants are specifically aimed at supporting advocates who are diligently working to restore the rights and dignity of the Uyghur population.” He added, “Elie Wiesel’s legacy represents resilience, optimism, and the responsibility we all share to strive for a world without genocide.”

The $550,000 grant will be used to support a winter conference in New York, where Uyghur activists and allies will gather to address the international response to the Uyghur genocide. JWW officials believe that the conference will foster collaboration among various stakeholders and invigorate ongoing Uyghur activism.

Omer Kanat, the executive director of the Uyghur Human Rights Project, expressed his appreciation for the opportunity to work alongside the Elie Wiesel Foundation, Jewish World Watch, and the World Uyghur Congress. He said, “The December conference will serve as a powerful demonstration of solidarity and our unwavering commitment to the principle of ‘never again’. We will also use this platform to call for further action against the ongoing genocide.”

This significant grant and the upcoming conference highlight the dedication and collaborative efforts of organizations striving to make a lasting impact in the fight against mass atrocities and the protection of human rights.

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