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Elie Wiesel survives Madoff wipeout, heart bypass

NEW YORK (AP) – When Elie Wiesel emerged from quintuple heart bypass surgery, still wired to monitors, he immediately started writing a book about the ordeal _ “in my head.” In French. A year later, as he recuperates from post-procedure fatigue and depression, “Open Heart” is being published, in English. And the 84-year-old Nobel Peace […]

Wiesel, Jewish Leaders Rap Changes to Canada’s Refugee Policy

CJN – Nobel laureate Elie Wiesel joined a growing list of Jewish leaders who are calling on Canada to reverse changes to legislation that denies health care to refugee claimants. In a letter released last week to the Globe and Mail, Wiesel said he supports the Toronto Board of Rabbis, which has called on Canada’s […]