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Peres awards Elie Wiesel the Presidential Medal

Elie Wiesel, world-renowned author, intellectual and Nobel laureate, received the Presidential Medal of Distinction from President Shimon Peres Monday in a ceremony in New York, for his work commemorating the Holocaust and promoting tolerance in the world. “The Holocaust taught us that killing isn’t done just with guns and weapons, but also with apathy, and […]

Clinton at WJC dinner: ‘Wiesels played pivotal part in bringing Shoah into public consciousness’

Presenting the two honorees of the evening with the WJC award, Rodham Clinton said Elie and Marion Wiesel “played a pivotal part in bringing the Shoah into public consciousness.” She added: “Elie’s own story of survival and those of others he’s helped tell, and has steeled the world’s resolve that such an atrocity can never […]

Elie Wiesel to Hungary: Keep your award

Modern Jews have the luxury of thinking however we want about the Holocaust — if we think about it all. For some, it is nothing, for others a distant familial memory. For a bold few, it can even be the object of humor. (Hungarian Spectrum) Not so for Jews of earlier generations, for whom the […]

2009 National Humanities Medal Awarded to Elie Wiesel

President Barack Obama presented the 2009 National Humanities Medals to eight Americans for their outstanding achievements in history, literature, cultural philanthropy, and museum leadership. Elie Wiesel was awarded for “his unwavering commitment to preserving the memory of the Holocaust and its victims. He has fostered compassion and understanding through his writing, his leadership, and his […]