“The fact alone that we have gathered to face these problems together gives one courage. For surely we all agree: humankind must be offered a right to hope and a better chance to remain alive and open to consultation.” — Elie Wiesel


The international conferences of The Elie Wiesel Foundation for Humanity serve as a catalyst for change and action. The conferences, which focus on themes of Peace, Education, Health, the Environment and Terrorism, serve as a way to bring together Nobel Laureates and world leaders to discuss social problems and develop suggestions for change.

The Conferences are part of The Elie Wiesel Foundation’s goal of creating a world in which atrocities such as the Holocaust, the genocide in Rwanda and Darfur and ethnic cleansing are never forgotten, but also, never repeated.

The Foundation hosted its inaugural conference, Facing the 21st Century: Threats & Promises, in 1988. An unprecedented meeting of more than seventy Nobel Laureates in Paris, the Conference helped pave the way for a series of conferences including:

The Anatomy of Hate

Tomorrow’s Leaders

The Future of Hope

Petra Conferences of Nobel Laureates